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Classic Cat

Our Classic Cat accommodation has single units. Double units are available for family cats. Our cat units are enclosed on three sides, which means our cats cannot see or be seen by the cat either side of them – very important for their dignity! All the units face outwards so the only thing they see are the surrounding gardens and their friendly carer’s face. Each day the units are hygienically cleaned and litter trays changed. We also monitor both the cats’ food intake and toilet habits daily to make sure they are adapting to their new home away from home.

We have two large ‘Play Pen’ areas that have been developed for your cat to enjoy some exercise time whilst staying with us.  We rotate all cats throughout the day to ensure everyone gets a stretch and a play. The length of time in the playpen depends on how active they are.

Our wonderful team Carers absolutely adore cats and make sure each of our guests are given lots of love and attention!

ALL PETS must have a current vaccination certificate to be shown prior to or on arrival (F3 for cats within the last 12 months).

Call us now on (07) 3374 1664