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Dog Accommodation

Our dog enclosures are designed for two dogs (single rooms are available on request).  Dogs are paired together based on age, size and temperament. As dogs are pack animals we strongly believe that they settle in far better if they share with a friend.

Their sleeping area has two separate “trampoline” type beds, off the ground, and each unit has an outside run. Dogs are closed in to their sleeping area at night and the buildings are warmed in winter and cooled in summer through a ventilation system. Each unit has its own extraction duct, therefore air is not shared with other dogs. This is to maintain a high standard of hygiene. This also means that each unit is isolated from the next, giving the dogs a more peaceful night.

We have three grassed exercise yards for the dogs where we ensure all dogs have at least two exercise times per day. The length of time depends on how active they are.  Again dogs are grouped for exercise time based on age, size and temperament.

We have separate accommodation blocks and exercise yards for small and medium/large dogs. This enables us to keep larger breeds completely separate from the smaller breeds.

Our Animal Carer’s make sure they get to know each of our guests well, give them lots of love, attention and always treat them like one of their own.

ALL PETS must have a current vaccination certificate to be shown prior to or on arrival (C5 for dogs within the last 12 months).

** Please Note: We prefer all dogs to arrive between 8am and 12 noon please as this gives them a chance to meet the Animal Attendants, have a play and feel comfortable and settled before the end of the day.

If your dog is sharing with a friend then they must be here by 12noon so our Animal Attendants have time to match them with a friend and make sure they are happy.

Call us now on (07) 3374 1664