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Helpful Hints

We hope all your questions have been answered here. However, should you wish to know something that is not answered below then please phone reception and ask one of our friendly staff who will endeavour to answer your question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my dogs bed or a toy?

The Pet Chalet does not accept any toys, bedding, blankets or personal items from home (except in the Executive Suites) as we have all these items here and they are neutral territory so they don’t smell of home therefore it reduces the chance of any possessive behaviour being displayed. However you can bring coats for dogs in Winter, if your dog wears one. Coats left must be clearly marked with your pets name and family surname. They will, however not be washed.

Can I phone and check on my pet?

Yes, if you feel the need to and it makes you more comfortable. Keep in mind that we will always endeavour to contact you or an alternate contact person if there is a problem.

Can you bath my dog before I pick him/her up?

Yes. For all guests whose stay is 6 days or longer we provide a complimentary Hydrobath / Blowdry & Coat Condition . If your dog’s stay is shorter than 6 days then a paid Hydrobath / Blowdry & Coat Condition is available and should be booked at check in. If you change your pick up date or time please give us 24 hours notice prior to your booked departure time, as once dogs are washed they are not permitted out to play as we aim to keep them clean and dry for your return.

Do you offer discounts for long term?

Yes, discounted rates apply for periods of 1 month or more outside of peak periods in our standard accommodation. Ask reception for our long term rates.

How far ahead should I book?

Easter & Christmas are usually booked out for dogs 8-10 months in advance. Cats generally book out for this time period 3 months in advance.  Other School holiday periods are often booked out 1 month in advance. For all other times of the year (non-peak periods) bookings can be made on the day of arrival during business hours.

Is a deposit required for bookings?

A $100 deposit per pet is only required for bookings during our peak periods (Easter, June/July, Sept/October & Dec/Jan). You can pay deposits by Visa & Mastercard over the phone or with cash or EFTPOS at reception during opening hours or you may prefer to direct deposit into our bank account. Our peak period dates can be found on the Bookings/Rates Page of this website.

My dog needs exercise. Can he be taken out for a walk?

Yes. We offer paid playtime where dogs are walked or played with by our staff (one on one) in an exercise yard. Personal playtime is available once or twice daily for an additional fee, just ask at reception.
However, we have three grassed exercise yards for the dogs where we ensure all dogs have at least two exercise times per day. The length of time depends on how active they are.  Dogs are grouped for exercise time based on age, size and temperament.

My pet has never boarded before will he/she be OK?

Yes. We aim to make every guest’s visit a comfortable and enjoyable experience. We do this by providing a clean, safe, secure and loving environment with a professional team of animal lovers dedicated to looking after your pet’s needs. Every pet is different, some settle in quickly others take a little longer but with our caring staff helping them to relax most pets enjoy the experience.

My pet is a fussy eater, should I bring his own food?

No, unless they are on a diet prescribed by a vet. We feed Royal Canin premium food which is a complete and nutritionally balanced diet that most dogs and cats love. If your pet is on a special prescribed diet, you should bring that. There may be additonal charges for the extra time required to prepare and feed special diets.

My pet sometimes loses/gains weight when boarding, is that normal?

Yes. Just like us humans when we go on holidays, our weight can vary and so can your pets. A change of atmosphere, extra activity from playing and running around having fun, or eating healthy nutritious food can all affect your pets weight. A moderate change in weight is not unusual.

What if I am running late, can I come out of hours?

No. Our opening hours are designed to make holidaying with us an enjoyable experience for all our guest’s. Guest’s are disturbed and dogs can get excited and bark with the constant arrival and departure of pets checking in and out. This is why we have limited opening hours. We are prepared to attend to pets any time, but expect customers to observe & respect our opening times. Plan your trip allowing for traffic and leave with enough time to get here during our opening hours. If you are running late and not going to get here please phone us!

What if I cannot collect my pet on the original departure date and need to extend?

Please phone and advise us as soon as possible, extensions are rarely a problem except for Easter and Christmas . Any additional days can be paid for on pick up.

What if I have a change of plans and wish to pick up early?

For cats no problem, as they don’t get bathed. For dogs you must give us at least 24 hours notice, as they often get dirty playing and need to be hydrobathed. Remembering that payment for all dates booked during peak periods must be paid for regardless of early pick up.

What if my pet gets sick or injures themselves?

In the event of accident or illness we generally use your pets own vet who we can call upon to seek treament for your pet. If the need is non urgent – we will phone you first, if it is urgent – we phone the vet first. In the case of an emergency, we will contact our closest vet. All veterinary cost’s and transport to and from the vets are the responsiblity of the pet owner and must be paid prior to check out.

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