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50 Carbine Rd
Upper Brookfield QLD 4069

Our History

The Christmas of 1969 saw The Pet Chalet board its first pets. The Kennel was the vision of Harry Gill who spent most of 1969 building the residence and the Kennels. There was no road and most of the timber used was pulled up the hill by horse and sled.

1969-1976 Owners Harry and Kay Gill

During this time the original kennel block was built and the first side of the cattery was constructed. Capacity approx 40 dogs 30 cats. The name was then the Brookfield Kennels.

1976-1983 Owners Allan and Anne Hodge

During this time the air conditioned kennel block was built and the first side of the cattery was enclosed in brick. The dam was also built for the water supply. Capacity approx 60 dogs 30 cats. Allan and Anne were responsible for changing the name to The Pet Chalet and doing the initial hard work of marketing and building the Pet Chalet’s good reputation.

1983-1987 Owners John and Jenny Rosenfeld

During this time the second side of the cattery was constructed. Capacity approx 60 dogs 60 cats. John and Jenny undertook the big task of constructing the concrete access driveway from Carbine Road . The Rosenfeld’s were also responsible for the current logo of the Pet Chalet

1987-1996 Owners John and Allison Forbes

During this time the two large dogs kennel blocks were built, vastly improving the facilities for dogs. Capacity approx 80 dogs 60 cats. John and Allison also constructed the back exercise yard and implemented the first computer system and operating procedures which are still in place today.

1996 – Owners The Lake Family

During this time we have implemented some major refurbishments of The Pet Chalet . The original kennel block was demolished and replaced with a new kennel block. At the same time the cattery was doubled in size and a kitchen and office included. Capacity approx 100 dogs 100 cats. The car park and driveway were bitumen sealed and the Pet Chalet reception building built. Construction on our state of the art Enviro Building was completed in April 2010.  Five luxury Executive Suites were added in July 2003 with a further six being constructed in 2011.

Our latest project was completed in December 2014 which is our world class Deluxe Cattery. We are extremely proud of this beautiful addition to The Pet Chalet.



Call us now on (07) 3374 1664